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Book Brothel is back!

These are a few of my favourite shelves I’ll just say it: I’ve missed all of you. I’ve missed reviewing and book chat and the deep satisfaction that comes from making sure the right book winds up in the right person’s hands. Don’t worry; I have at least been reading. And I’ve got a diploma […]

Book Brothel is Under Construction

Please bear with us as we attempt to revamp the website! We’ll still be updating the site with new reviews, but in the meantime, feel free to follow us on Twitter for updates, contest announcements, book news, a peek at what we’re reading, and general book-related musings. Happy reading!

New Feature on Book Brothel: “LUST”

Hi everyone, hope 2008 brings good health and good reads to you all! I’m trying out a new feature here on Book Brothel, which I’m simply calling “LUST” – a sneak-peak at a gotta-read book every month. It will be something (fantastic) that I’ve read, and something that’s going to be released within the coming […]


Sorry, everyone, restoring and updating the site after being forced to switch web hosts is proving a slow process (a lot of stuff was deleted, and a lot of the coding within entries was messed up…it makes for a lot of work fixing 250+ reviews). The good news, however, is that new reviews will be […]


Book Brothel is currently being re-constructed to its former glory after some server issues. Apologies for any inconveniences over the past month or two; we’ll be back on track and ready to dish out fabulous new book reviews as soon as possible!