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Houston, We Have a Problema by Gwendolyn Zepeda

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Trade, 355 pages, 2007 Rating: 9/10 Reason for Reading: Chick-lit with a Latina twist? Sounds good to me! Synopsis: Feeling her luck with men, her career, and her family failing her, Jessica Luna decides to put fate in charge, and frequently makes visits to her favourite fortune teller looking for advice on […]

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Hardcover, 341 pages, 2009 Rating: 10/10 Reason for Reading: I love a good book about society’s ‘outsiders.’ Synopsis: Truly Plaice stretched her mother to epic proportions during her pregnancy before giving birth killed her, and she was five when someone first declared that she was a ‘giant.’ Next to her dainty and […]

Rock Bottom by Michael Shilling

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Trade, 400 pages, 2009 Rating: 9/10 Reason for Reading: The whole ‘fallen rock stars’ thing seemed like it would make a great story. Synopsis: The Blood Orphans had it all: a contract that paid them lots of money to play their songs all over the world, and all the sex and drugs […]

Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Trade, 305 pages, 2007 Rating: 9/10 Reason for Reading: I loved Greek mythology when I was younger – and I guess I still do! Synopsis: The Greek gods of ancient times are alive and…living in London? Athena, Apollo, Artemis and a select assortment of the other gods live in a decrepit flat, […]

Love and Other Natural Disasters by Holly Shumas

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Trade, 341 pages, 2009 Rating: 8/10 Reason for Reading: My love of chick-lit; I liked the title. Synopsis: Eight months pregnant, Eve is shattered to discover that her husband, Jonathon, has been having an affair. But not a physical one: an emotional one, an affair that left Eve lonely and wondering why […]

The Children of Men by P.D. James

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Mass market, 351 pages, 1992 Rating: 9/10 Reason for Reading: I picked this up for ten cents at a library sale, and forgot about it until I saw the movie version of The Children of Men earlier this year. Synopsis: The human race faces extinction as infertility has inexplicably washed over humanity, […]

The Paper Bag Christmas by Kevin Alan Milne

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Hardcover, 150 pages, 2008 Rating: 7/10 Reason for Reading: I plan to shamelessly spend the month of December surrounded by holiday special after holiday special, so I thought I better squeeze in a little reading in the same spirit. Synopsis: The Paper Bag Christmas is the story of a different kind of […]

The Heretic’s Daughter By Kathleen Kent

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Hardcover, 336 pages, 2008 Rating: 9/10 Reason for Reading: Historical fiction and the promise of the Salem witch trials? Yes, please. Synopsis: Nine-year-old Sarah has a family that works hard on their farm and doesn’t especially go looking for trouble – except in the form of her mother, Martha, whose bold opinions […]

Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Hardcover, 168 pages, 1997, 2008 Rating: 8/10 Reason for Reading: Sedaris is good for my inner cynic. Synopsis: Sedaris has added to his 1997 collection of holiday-themed essays and humorous pieces with a few works that were originally published elsewhere since that time, and one entirely new piece. The topics range from […]