Book Brothel is back!

These are a few of my favourite shelves

I’ll just say it: I’ve missed all of you.

I’ve missed reviewing and book chat and the deep satisfaction that comes from making sure the right book winds up in the right person’s hands. Don’t worry; I have at least been reading. And I’ve got a diploma to hang on my wall in exchange for my year of silence on Book Brothel. But what’s in it for you?

How about this gorgeous re-design by Alexis Dicks and Dawn Wentzell? It features a photo by Joel Charlebois, who also took the cover photo for George Pelecanos’ The Way Home.

What about a contest in the next entry? I’m not above bribery.

And new reviews. Did I mention new reviews? Pull out your to-be-read list, because it’s going to get longer.

I would also like to welcome the aforementioned Dawn to Book Brothel. She is going to be hard at work on a bunch of technical/behind-the-scenes stuff and general revamping of the site, which means I get to focus on writing reviews instead of pulling out my hair with frustration. That means more content for you, fabulous reader. Welcome, Dawn!

The site will be undergoing further improvements in the coming months; please excuse any construction – we will do our best to keep it to a minimum.

Still not enough? You can (and should!) follow Book Brothel on Twitter for info on new reviews, contests, and general book chat. I love talking about what I’m reading, and I love getting recommendations on what I should read next.

Thank you to everyone for your patience (readers and publishers alike – book people are the best) over the past year. Now, let’s get down to what’s really important – finding and reading great books!

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