LUST (January 2009)

The Gotta-Have-It Book of the Month: Rock Bottom by Michael Shilling

The Tease:

‘My stepdad is a musician,’ Sarah said. She wore chunky heels and still barely cleared five feet. ‘He plays the ukulele and the guitar. Folk music mainly. I think that he wanted to be a professional musician too, go live in a van, screw girls he barely knew.’
‘We never do that,’ he said. ‘That’s a myth. It moves product.’
‘Yeah, right. Now he’s a house builder with an anger management problem. He has a wine cellar and loves to ski. I wouldn’t describe him as an unhappy guy. But when I play the Sex Pistols or the Clash in the car, it’s like he goes into another world. I wonder if meeting you would break his heart a little.’
‘He has no idea what he didn’t miss,’ Bobby said.

Available: January 9, 2009

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