Holiday Good Cheer Book Giveaways WINNERS!

The winners have been chosen for the Hachette Book Group Holiday Good Cheer Book Giveaways! The correct answer to the question “Who is the author of the 1843 classic A Christmas Carol?” is Charles Dickens. The five lucky entrants that matched up to the numbers from a random generator are:

Jen H of Toronto, ON
Catherine L of Springfield, MA
Sharon C of Grinnell, IA
Cheryl S of Allison Park, PA
Ann B of High Bridge, NJ

Congrats to the winners, who were able to have their choice of the following holiday-themed prize packs:

In the Beginning by Chuck Fischer
Jewtopia by Bryan Fogel andSam Wolfson
Be Still and Get Going by Alan Lew
Life Is a Test by Esther Jungreis
To Life! by Harol Kushner

The American Journey of Barack Obama by The Editors of Life Magazine
How Strong Women Pray by Bonnie t. John
Not Easily Broken by T.D. Jakes
Stand the Storm by Breena Clarke
Claim Your Victory Today by Creflo Dollar

Engaging Father Christmas by Robin Gunn
The Paper Bag Christmas by Kevin Milne
Christmas Around the World by Chuck Fischer
The Physics of Christmas by Roger Highfield
The Christmas Train by David Baldacci

A big thank you to everyone who entered the contest…sorry that everyone couldn’t win, but I hope the rest of you find some good reads through browsing Book Brothel! Another big thank you to Hachette Book Group USA for hosting a number of contests throughout 2008, allowing dozens of Book Brothel readers to expand their libraries with wonderful books! Happy holidays and happy reading!

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