Treasure Hunting by JB McDonald

Reviewed by L.D.Y.

E-book, 81 pages, 2008

Rating: 8/10

Reason for Reading: Sometimes a girl just needs a romance story. And let’s face it, that cover and any site named Book Brothel just belong together.

Synopsis: Meg is hunting through the jungles of South America looking for ancient runes and treasures when one of her guides shoots a jaguar. In tending to it, she realizes she may have found a different sort of gem – the jaguar can turn into a man. A gorgeous, highly muscled, incredibly sexy man that just might prove to be as wild as she is – if they can survive the jungle long enough to find out…

Why you should read this book: McDonald shows a lot of talent for her first book, especially in her characters – her heroine is smart and adventurous but goofy, while the man/cat love interest is strong but teasing and playful, his openness letting us see why Meg is attracted to him, a nice change from the more typical dominant, stoic male whose reluctance to express emotion is the major ‘suspense’ component keeping the story together. There’s also plenty of adventure and excitement thanks to the jungle settling, the unfamiliarity making it seem like strange things like cat-men just might be possible. Treasure Hunting is saucy and steamy without being raunchy, great for turning up the heat to a sultry level appropriate for the South American setting, with a few good laughs thrown in for extra measure.

Why you should avoid this book: If you’re new to the paranormal romance genre (as I was), I promise there’s no bestiality, but I understand some people won’t go for this genre regardless. It’s obviously not as fleshed-out as a full length novel (I wanted more sexy jungle adventures!), but satisfying nonetheless.

Opening paragraph:

The only problem with South America – aside from giant bugs, a lack of air conditioning, and general chauvinism – was that you could walk right past an ancient ruin and never know it.

Fabulous quotes:

He blinked twice, cat-like, then sighed and laid down on the soft ground. She had the sudden urge to rub his belly.
‘Friends?’ It seemed silly to keep him tied up, but she found herself intimidated of the jaguar he had been.
Jaguar he had been? She was losing her ever lovin’ mind. Too much South American research. Next she’d be dreaming of finding the legendary city of gold. Wait, no, even that would make more sense.

Just one man was still there, sitting against a tree. He opened his dark eyes when she walked up, black orbs surrounded by black lashes. He smiled. ‘I think,’ he said slowly in Spanish, ‘it may be infected.’
‘It? What? Oh, let me see.’ She leaned close to inspect the wound, bending over his shoulder. The heat of his breath whispered against her neck. Her skin prickled, nerves tingling up and down her spince. She ignored it as much as possible, peering at the injury.
It was pink, now, and inflamed.

Also recommended: One for the Money by Janet Evanovich; Two for the Dough by Janet Evanovich.

Also by this author: Treasure Hunting is McDonald’s first book.

Author’s website:

Would I read more by this author? I would trust McDonald to hit the spot with future romance novels, yes.

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