LUST (April, 2008)

The Gotta-Have-It Book of the Month: Names My Sisters Call Me by Megan Crane

The Tease:

It occurred to me in the taxi across the hilly, windy city that I hadn’t exactly planned what I wanted to say. I’d convinced myself that even though I couldn’t manage to string sentences together to make a decent letter, I would be inspired when Raine swung open her door. Seeing her would cause the perfect words to appear on my tongue like magic. My belief that this was so had carried me across the country, and it completely deserted me as I sat, terrified, in the back of that taxi.
I was an idiot.
Norah was right – this was a stupid thing to do, and Verena was right, I was going to get hurt.
What could I possibly have been thinking?

Available: April 11, 2008

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