LUST (March, 2008)

The Gotta-Have-It Book of the Month: Carpool Diem by Nancy Star

The Tease:

‘Pardon me?’ Annie said.
‘That’s the town league,’ Charlotte explained. ‘It’s the Rec League that I was in. Only, Winslow West calls it the W-R-E-C-K “Wreck” team.’
‘I tell my parents all the time, B does not stand for bad,’ Gerri said. ‘Now I have to convince them C does not stand for crappy.’
‘I’m fine with B or C,’ Charlotte said.
‘I knew you were going to be my favorite new player,’ Gerri said. ‘I’m fine with B or C too.’
Annie didn’t understand a lot of what Gerri said. But she knew she was not fine with B or C. How could Charlotte be fine with that? C wasn’t an okay letter for anything. If she was fine with a C team, would she be fine with a C grade? What about a C job? Or a C life?

Available: March 13, 2008

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