New Feature on Book Brothel: “LUST”

Hi everyone, hope 2008 brings good health and good reads to you all!

I’m trying out a new feature here on Book Brothel, which I’m simply calling “LUST” – a sneak-peak at a gotta-read book every month. It will be something (fantastic) that I’ve read, and something that’s going to be released within the coming month. You might have to wait a few days or a few weeks to get your hands on a copy, but isn’t anticipation a sweet sweet thing? Full reviews will still come around the actual release date…this is just my way of coping when I’m really excited to share a book with you all!

I’m playing with a few other ideas, too, to keep things fresh, so we’ll see what the upcoming months bring.

All the best (reading) in 2008,

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