Dating Without Novocaine by Lisa Cach

Dating Without Novocaine by Lisa Cach

Reviewed by L.D.Y.

Trade, 282 pages, 2002

Rating: 7/10

Reason for Reading: I turn to the publisher Red Dress Ink to fulfill my chick-lit yearnings.

Synopsis: Hannah, a 29-year-old clothing designer, suddenly decides that she wants to be engaged before she’s 30, and that the best way to make it happen is to go on a wild dating spree. She endures bad dates, bad-boys, and bad sex in her humourous adventure to find love.

Why you should read this book: Dating Without Novocaine is much more upbeat than your typical chick-lit fare. Hannah is spunky, determined, and always sees the funny side of her mishaps rather than wallowing in embarrassment and self-pity. Hannah light-heartedly makes fun of her dates as much as her own failures at dating. Hannah seems to be in the dating world for fun rather than desperation as many of her romance contemporaries.

Why you should avoid this book: Yes, of course you can guess at the ending in no time flat. But at least the journey is fun. Not the best of the genre, but alright for a nice light read.

Opening paragraph:

‘Anoint your sacred body parts,’ Sapphire said, passing ’round a small blue-and-white Chinese bowl. ‘I made this rose water with the petals of flowers from my own garden, plucked under the full moon to call forth the power of the Goddess.’

Fabulous quotes:

I clicked my way to the search page, and filled out the obvious criteria of age range and marital status. ‘We can search by words in the ads, too.’ ‘Vegetarian,’ Cassie said.
‘No!’ Louise and I said in unison. ‘No vegetarians,’ I said.
‘Why not?’
‘They’re high-maintenance eaters,’ I said.
‘Thanks a lot.’
‘Oh, Cass, you’re fine, you don’t make a fuss. But for dating–I don’t want some guy taking me to organic restaurants. And how could I bring a vegetarian home to Mom and Dad?’

‘I made a Voodoo Wade doll.’
‘Voodoo Wade,’ I repeated. ‘I made a little doll and dressed it like him, and then I hung it by a length of filament in front of the window in my sewing room. He spins in the drafts, sort of like a twisting corpse on a noose.’
‘And this helps?’
‘Well, then I was downtown and got the bright idea to stop in a toy store and look for a slingshot. I couldn’t find one, but I did find a fabulous rubber band gun.’

‘Okay. Most boys only start acting like adults when they reach their late twenties. If then. So, you’ve got at least fifteen years ahead of you during which to build your own life, without fussing over any idiot boys.’

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