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Got You Back by Jane Fallon

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Trade, 408 pages, 2008 Rating: 9/10 Look Inside: A peek at the first dozen chapters Reason for Reading: Chick lit? I’m probably there. British chick lit? I’m all yours. Synopsis: Stephanie lives a wonderful life with her … Continue reading

Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Hardcover, 168 pages, 1997, 2008 Rating: 8/10 Reason for Reading: Sedaris is good for my inner cynic. Synopsis: Sedaris has added to his 1997 collection of holiday-themed essays and humorous pieces with a few works that were … Continue reading

When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Hardcover, 325 pages, 2008 Rating: 9/10 Reason for Reading: I’ve read Sedaris’ books Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim and Me Talk Pretty One Day and enjoyed them both. Synopsis: David Sedaris is back with another … Continue reading

How the Other Half Hamptons by Jasmin Rosemberg

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Trade, 320 pages, 2008 Rating: 9/10 Reason for Reading: Remember that episode of Sex and the City where the women get a place in the Hamptons and craziness happens, especially with Charlotte pretending to be younger in … Continue reading

Names My Sisters Call Me by Megan Crane

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Trade, 321 pages, 2008 Rating: 9/10 Reason for Reading: I already read and enjoyed two of the three of Crane’s previous novels, Everyone Else’s Girl and Frenemies. Synopsis: Courtney Cassel has just gotten engaged to the most … Continue reading

The Learners by Chip Kidd

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Hardcover, 260 pages, 2008 Rating: 10/10 Reason for Reading: I had my eye on Kidd’s debut novel since it first came out but it was a case of ‘too many books, too little time,’ so I was … Continue reading

Because She Can by Bridie Clark

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Hardcover, 275 pages, 2007 Rating: 7/10 Reason for Reading: I liked the idea, but not the execution, of Lauren Weisberger’s The Devil Wears Prada, so I was hoping Clark would have better luck with the boss-from-hell story. … Continue reading

The Blonde Theory by Kristin Harmel

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Trade, 291 pages, 2007 Rating: 8/10 Reason for Reading: Chick-lit always comes through when I’m in a reading slump. Synopsis: Harper Roberts is smart, attractive, successful – and so, so single. Convinced that her success (she’s the … Continue reading

The Continuity Girl by Leah McLaren

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Trade, 339 pages, 2006 Rating: 10/10 Reason for Reading: All these years of reading chick-lit and I’d never read an author from Toronto, my hometown – it practically seemed mandatory. Synopsis: Meredith Moore excels as a ‘continuity … Continue reading