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The Bridal Wave by Erin Torneo and Valerie Cabrera Krause

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Trade, 231 pages, 2007 Rating: 9/10 Reason for Reading: My bridal wave started last year. Synopsis: The subtitle of this book is A Survival Guide to the Everyone-I-Know- is-Getting-Married Years, and when you need this book, you will absolutely know. The Bridal Wave offers up tips on everything from dealing with your […]

Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich by Lois P. Frankel

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Hardcover, 288 pages, 2005 Rating: 9/10 Reason for Reading: I’m pretty sure expanding my shoe collection as often as possible does not, alas, really count as ‘investing.’ Synopsis: Don’t be fooled by the book’s title – Frankel’s goal is to help you find your way to financial independence for life, not to […]

The Money Book by Kevin Cork

Reviewed by L.D.Y. Trade, 208 pages, 2002 Rating: 7/10 Reason for Reading: That nagging feeling at the back of my mind that money doesn’t take care of itself. Synopsis: Cork walks his readers through the basics of personal finance, from making a budget to saving and investing right up to making a will, looking at […]