LUST (December 2008)

The Gotta-Have-It Book of the Month: This One is Mine by Maria Semple

The Tease:

‘I figured out about you.’ Teddy slid into the booth across from her. ‘You’re a Deadhead who took some really good acid and your life is now one big magical hallucination.’
Violet caught that Goodwill whiff again. ‘I’ll think about that,’ she said, breathing through her mouth. A waitress passed carrying plates of food. Violet practically yelled, ‘Hi! We’re in a hurry!’
‘What can I get you to drink?’ asked the waitress.
‘Some codeine cough syrup,’ Teddy said.
‘If we had any,’ the waitress replied, ‘it would be long gone by now.’

Available: December 4, 2008

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