Literary News: Debuts

Today marks the launch of a revolution in the world of books – a literary show on the internet called Its engaging host and editorial producer is Daniel Menaker, a long-time editor for The New Yorker, an author, and until recently the Random House editor-in-chief – so you know he knows (and loves) books.

The show features groups of writers discussing their new books in a roundtable format. The debut season will include six episodes, the first of which is entitled “All Over the Map” and features Richard Price (Lush Life), Colin Harrison (The Finder), Susan Choi (A Person of Interest) and Charles Bock (Beautiful Children).

“‘Titlepage’ is the perfect way to share my enthusiasm for books and their authors – in an instantly and permanently accessible format – with as many readers as possible,” said Menaker. “I’ve always sought out literary conversations, and I think we can make them surprising and entertaining for anyone who might want to stop by. Editors, particularly editors who are also writers, like nothing more than to share their love of books with others – although the occasional royalty check is also pretty enjoyable.”

Head over to the webpage to watch the first episode (with its tv-quality production), download it as a podcast (available shortly), discuss the show and its authors, and explore even more books. The show is a fantastic idea to keep the world of books relevant and conveniently at your fingertips – expect to add a lot more books to your ‘want’ list after watching. And there’s lots more to come, according to founder and executive producer Odile Isralson:

‘Authors with new books of all kinds will appear on the program in the coming months. We are aiming for the greatest possible diversity and variety. We are looking to have poets, novelists, journalists, Americans, foreigners – we will talk to anybody, about anything to do with books, as long as it strikes us as worth talking about, timely, and deserving of a wide audience’s attention.’

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