Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich

Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich

Reviewed by L.D.Y.

Hardcover, 310 pages, 2006

Rating: 9/10

Reason for Reading: Why stop now?

Synopsis: Stephanie Plum is a bounty hunter, of the klutzy, mistake-prone sort. When the daughter of the oh-so-hot Ranger, one of her colleagues (if someone a thousand times more talented can still be referred to as a colleague), goes missing, Ranger can’t be contacted, and weirder and weirder (and more dangerous) things keep happening, the hunt is on.

Why you should read this book: While Twelve Sharp certainly feels familiar, it doesn’t feel as lazy as some of Evanovich’s more recent efforts. There’s lots of humour, in the form of bounty hunter interviews, Lula’s outfits and shopping expeditions, and of course Stephanie’s disastrous efforts at, well, life. If you prefer Ranger over the other man in Stephanie’s life, Morelli, you’ll want to be sure to read this one. The plot isn’t exactly original, but it hits far closer to home than the other random villains that have turned up in previous books in the series, so it will definitely hold your attention. Trashy, gun-slingin’ good times.

Why you should avoid this book: This series is strictly for people who like their crimes served up with a healthy helping of slap-stick. If you’ve read this far in the series, this probably won’t be the book to make you stop.

Opening paragraph:

When I was twelve years old I accidentally substituted salt for sugar in a cake recipe. I baked the cake, iced the cake, and served it up. It looked like a cake, but as soon as you cut into it and took a taste, you knew something else was going on. People are like that, too. Sometimes you just can’t tell what’s on the inside from looking at the outside. Sometimes people are a big surprise, just like the salt cake. Sometimes the surprise turns out to be good. And sometimes the surprise turns out to be bad. And sometimes the surprise is just friggin’ confusing.

Fabulous quotes:

Lula was about twenty feet away, and Bob was chugging like a freight train, pulling against his collar, trying to get to me.
James turned to see what was making all that noise behind him, I slipped the stun gun out of my bag, pushed the button, and the little on light didn’t go on.
James turned and saw the stun gun. ‘What the fuck?’
I looked at Lula in utter panic.

‘He’s enjoying the game,’ Ranger said. ‘Probably has Julie stashed somewhere and goes out in disguise. He’ll be careful at first, but the longer the game goes on the more chances he’ll take.’
‘Is there something I can do?’
‘You can go about your business, so he has a chance to make a move on you.’ He took a cell phone from the table. ‘If you need to call me, use this phone. My number’s programmed in. And make sure you’re always wearing the panic button. It’s tied into the RangeMan network. I can track you if you’re wearing the button. If you catch someone following you, don’t try to lose him.’

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Author’s website:

Would I read more by this author? Even if I try not to, yes, I will.

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